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Let's Brew Wednesday - Zum Uerige Alt

Thank you Fred Waltman. Thank you for posting a picture of a Zum Uerige brewing record on BeerAdvocate,

Because now I know for certain a couple of things. Like the grist. And I'm relieved to see that, unlike some Alt brewers, they don't get the colour from Sinamar or caramel. Three malts are in the mix: Pils-, Cara- and Röstmalz. Given the small quantity of Caramalz the colour must mostly come from the Röstmalz.

According to the Braugersten-Gemeinschaft, Röstmalz has a colour of 800 - 1500 EBC. Which makes it probably closer to chocolate malt than black malt. The Caramalz should be in the range 35 to 80 EBC.

Interesting that there are also three types of hops - Perle, Spalt and Hallertau. All classic German varieties. The hopping rate is even higher than that stated by Narziss - 500 gm/hl as opposed to 400 gm/hl**.

Uerige Alt March 2004
pils 1,060 kg 96.36%
cara 25 kg 2.27%
Röst 15 kg 1.36%
total 1,100 kg
Perle 6 kg 16.67%
Spalt 20 kg 55.56%
Hallertau 10 kg 27.78%
total 36 kg
gm/hl hops 500
hl 72
OG Plato 11.90
OG 1047.8
FG 1011.6
ABV 4.70
App. Atten-uation 75.73%
Zum Uerige brewing record

Sorry I've no mashing details. I suspect they probably decoct. Judging by the timings the boil is pretty short, no more than 90 minutes at most.

I realise it's a while since I posted a recipe. Hopefully thhis will partially make up for that.

* "The Soul of Beer: Malting Barley from Germany", Braugersten-Gemeinschaft e.V., page 57.
** Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Volume 72, Issue 1, January-February 1966, page 14.

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